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Santos-Maduro agreement close to succeed

Colombia and Venezuela reached Quito, thanks to the mediation of Ecuador and Uruguay, an agreement in principle to resolve the border crisis that rocked relations between the two countries. The meeting did not seem to yield much hope than a month that Venezuela began deporting Colombians claiming the penetration of paramilitary groups. Since then, 1,645 people returned to their country compulsively and 17,000 more become damaged. However, President Juan Manuel Santos and Nicolas Maduro could put on hold the verbal confrontation and open the door to negotiation. The parties agreed to the immediate return of the ambassadors after being called to consultation, conducting an investigation of the current situation of the border, the formation of a team of ministers to discuss sensitive issues, the progressive normalization and border crossings Placing a call to reconciliation in the region.

At the end of the long meeting, Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, said: “I hope you like the best, everything is solved or less aimed at a quick solution.” The joint statement read by the host said that both leaders are committed to reaching an agreement “aimed at fraternal coexistence, good neighborliness, mutual respect and economic and social development.” According to Correa, the two “agreed on the importance of further strengthening the bilateral dialogue to ensure the fulfillment of these objectives within the framework of respect for international law.”

Santos, meanwhile, thanked the facilitators countries for their outreach work. He stressed in turn the role played by Venezuela in the peace process in Colombia. However, he recalled that bilateral ties have not been free of conflict. The border is just the latest chapter in this complex relationship with the neighbor. “(When the action was taken) I expressed to President Maduro respect his decision to close the border or deporting Colombians (who were allegedly illegal status), saying it is within their rights, but I asked to respect due process and the rights of Colombians, “he said. According to Santos, his colleague promised to investigate the violation of airspace. “I understand the concern of Venezuela by criminal gangs, we’re interested in fighting, drug trafficking is another issue that requires us to work together,” he added. “Here has prevailed, as President Maduro says, sanity This was an argument, a calm, respectful and productive dialogue and I am very pleased to restore this dialogue with Venezuela because we have said so many times. When two leaders have differences which peoples are suffering. ”

A new era

Maduro predicted a “new era of relations with Colombia, respect, cooperation, mutual benefit, peace, coexistence, coexistence models, ideas and projects.”

Earlier, the outlook was different. The atmosphere outside the headquarters of the Ecuadorian executive branch was tense. According to the website of Bogota ‘Week’, there was a loudspeaker emitting a speech Hugo Chavez and repeated the phrase: “The Bolivarian model dialogues but kneels before the oligarchy.” When Santos and Maduro arrived, he is waiting inside the palace Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez. The conversation took a different tone.