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Iraq: coordination with Russia, Syria and Iran against the enhanced EI

[blockquote author=”A spokesman for the Iraqi government.” pull=”normal”]”This is a coordination committee between the four countries in the field of military intelligence,” [/blockquote]

Iraq will strengthen coordination of intelligence in the fight against jihadist group Islamic State (EI) with Russia, Syria and Iran, said Sunday a spokesman of the government. “This is a coordination committee between four countries (…) in the field of military intelligence whose aim will be to share and analyze information,” AFP Saad al-Hadithi , spokesman for the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. It will focus on “surveillance of terrorist movements” and “reducing their capacity,” the spokesman said.
The agreement with Russia occurs on a background of “growing concern over the presence of thousands of Russian terrorists involved in crimes with EI”, according to an Iraqi military statement. Saad al-Hadithi does not specify if this new cell is already operational. The establishment of coordination also comes as Russia is strengthening its military presence in Syria, deploying and delivering men in recent weeks new weapons to the army of Bashar al-Assad.