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60 dead in an suicide attack in Libya

More than 60 people were killed in a suicidal assassination attempt against a training centre of the police in the West of the Libya, the bloodiest attack in the country since the revolt of 2011.

The attack was not claimed in the immediate future, while the Islamic State (AR) Group took advantage of chaos to settle in the country where two rival Governments – one in the East recognized by the international community and the other sitting in Tripoli – fighting power. In Tripoli, Mohamad Bashir al-Naas, Deputy Defence Minister, denounced a dastardly crime , stating that the person responsible for the attack was not known. It is the deadliest attack since the rebellion that drove out of power in 2011 the dictator Mouammar Kadhafi, captured and killed by the rebels. Countries to the mainly tribal structure, the Libya is fragmented and under the control of rival militias formed by former rebels.