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First raped, then killed for adultery

Four women were arrested last week. They took them to a central location and stoned to death in front of a crowd. His crime? Being raped.

The Islamic State (IS) and has a long list of atrocities. The latter denounced by a group of Kurdish activists has been to four women accused of adultery in Mosul (Iraq). But the problem goes beyond this many in the city suggest that women were raped by the men themselves of EI. That is first abusing you and then accuse you of impure because of it.

After his arrest and the application of Saria, have not hesitated to do what they do best: you throw stones to death

According to the latest report. UN on atrocities of ISIS in Iraq, jihadists force people living in areas controlled to meet in public places to witness the penalties imposed by self-designated by the same jihadists courts.

Penalties include stonings and beheadings.

Witnessing these murders is part of the control based on the violence that terrorists imposed on the population and minimizing the risks of providing a solid to the terror regime opposition.

Mosul, the capital of the ‘caliphate’ jihadist in Iraq along with Raqqa in Syria, was taken in 2014 by EI. Currently, the Kurdish armed forces prepare for an assault in order to retake the city. However do not have sufficient resources and expect the help of the Iraqi government and the international community.

The aid which is taking too long to arrive.