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Iran elections: “Our vote counts today”

“This vote shows that the world can give its opinion in Iran. “Sitting on a stone bench at the back of the Imam Zadeh Ali Akbar Tehran mausoleum housing the tomb of one of the descendants of the 12 imams, Zohreh is determined. Dressed in a black chador that hides a pink scarf that matched her lipstick, the young student in religion is preparing to vote. Fifty-five million Iranians are called last Friday to participate in two of the four universal suffrage ballots held in the Islamic Republic of Iran (presidential, legislative, municipal, Assembly of Experts).

Une Iranienne montre son doigt taché d'encre après avoir voté aux élections législatives et à celles de l'Assemblée des experts, le 26 février à Téhéran. 

This for them to renew two bodies so far dominated by the Conservatives. On the one hand, Parliament and its 290 members. On the other, the Assembly of Experts, a body of 88 religious responsible for monitoring the action – but to name – the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, the real head of the Iranian state. But this double voting is especially vital for the future of moderate President Hassan Rouhani, overwhelmingly elected in June 2013.

“The power belongs to the people as part of Islam.”

S it picks the “Majlis” (parliament) majority “moderate” its cause, it is hoped to continue his vis-à-vis policy of openness to the West embodied in the agreement on the Iranian nuclear July 14, 2014. Such success would allow him, thanks to foreign investment, to finally implement its program of social and economic reforms without meeting the systematic opposition of Parliament. Otherwise, the chief executive would have all the trouble in the world to honor his campaign promises for his last year in office.

But even before the voting day, voting was marked by eliminating virtually all reformist candidates by the Guardian Council, a body of which half the members are appointed by the Supreme Leader, judging the nomination’s conformity with the Constitution and Islam. “In Islamic Republic, there Republic , which means that power back to the people, but in the context of Islam,” Zohreh tip. Also, the disqualification of reformist candidates seems totally justified in the eyes of the young student of 21 years. “The Council of Guardians of the Constitution did his duty. It would be desirable that a candidate makes implode the country! “

” Iran has everything you need “

Does not admitting defeat, reformers have allied with moderate candidates, but also some conservatives, presenting a joint list called Hope. Facing them, a “grand coalition of conservatives called” consistent with the line of the supreme leader and fierce critic of the government. “It is very significant to have cultural and economic exchanges with foreign countries, says Zohreh. But friendship with the West advocated by Rohani opens the door to political interference in Iran. “

The young woman stood up to pray at the graves of the martyrs who died during the bloody war against Iraq (1980-1988, one million dead), until a freshly covered grave flowers . This is a young Iranian soldier recently killed in Syria. “My soul is nourished by this place that I love to attend, says Zohreh. Iran has everything you need. Maybe some people looking to access things that are not compatible with Islam. “

” The power will drop nothing “

The speech is radically different on the Tabiat bridge, brand new building that dominates the north of the capital. The black chador has disappeared in favor of a short coat and a scarf falling. Sitting on a wooden bench, Kimia and Shadi, students in architecture, hotly debating the need to go to the polls. “It is useless to vote. The power will not relinquish anything, “says Shadi, 20, who prefers to take selfie. But the young woman immediately called to order by his girlfriend. “If our votes were not taken into account, then the president Rohani would not be there,” says Kimia, whose long hair protruding from either side of her headscarf.

to believe the two Iranian women, societal restrictions would be much less burdensome since the accession to power of the moderate president. Many couples today through the Tabiat bridge, hand in hand, without being worried in the least by the few present security officers. At the end of the building, the darkness of Taleghani park even allows some to embrace safe from prying eyes. “The elections are very important, Kimia resumes. Our votes count today and I do not want to end up with members who wish to send women back home. “And the student to bring the final blow:” The worst part of society is the one that gives up all faith in politics and who is proud. “