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Refugee athletes will have their own team in the Olympic Games in Rio

They left everything to flee war, now have hope for the future

Have suffered war and violence in their own skin. They have had to flee their homes, their lives, to survive. And like the other refugees, they have also left behind properties, families, friends and work.

Athletes refugees who have fled from countries like Syria or Afghanistan have left behind more than just a job. They have had to abandon successful sports careers, competitions, medals and dreams. But now there is a ray of light in the future.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) declared Friday that refugees athletes will have their own team in the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

“By welcoming refugees Olympians, we launched a message of hope to all the world’s refugees,” he said the chairman of the Committee a statement.

The IOC has shortlisted 43 athletes displaced as candidates to join a team -the Refugee team Olympic athletes or team Olympians Refugees to compete under the Olympic flag and the Olympic anthem in Rio.

Refugee athletes will have their welcoming ceremony at the Olympic Village, as the other teams. They will stay at the Villa as if it were a country more. The IOC will provide them with uniforms and a retinue of support to help them in their needs, as well as coaches, technicians and even a chef.

Of the 43 selected, will be chosen between 5 and 10 to form part of the final team. The names of the members will be revealed in June.

Although this is the first team in the history of refugees Games is not the first time without a team athletes participating in the Olympics. In 1992, Yugoslav athletes took part in the competition individually and in 2012, Guor Marial, an athlete from South Sudan, competed in the London Games without a flag.