Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories

For some time, the government has been suspected or hide hidden information regarding the issue of the assassination of President Kennedy on 22 November 1963. There are also many conspiracy theories that include murder that take off after his death and still promoted today. Many put forward a conspiracy involving parties as diverse as the CIA, the KGB, the Mafia in the United States, the government of Israel, the director of the FBI, it was Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson’s government Cuba with Fidel Castro at the helm, the anti-Castro groups, the Federal Reserve, or some combination of these entities or individuals. For that reasons, there are plenty of Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories.

When was jfk assassinated and what happened


President John F. Kennedy was killed when traveling in a convertible limousine in Dallas, Texas at 12:30 noon on 22 November 1963; the governor of Texas, John Connally was also injured. After two hours, Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the murder of a Dallas policeman JD Tippit and processed the same afternoon. At 1:35 am, Oswald was prosecuted for the murder of the President. At 11:21 am on Sunday 24 November 1963, the nightclub owner Jack Ruby, Oswald fired and occí when he was transferred to the county jail.

In 1964, the Warren Commission concluded that there was insufficient evidence to Oswald was part of a conspiracy to assassinate the president and declared his conviction that he had acted alone. The critics even before the publication of the conclusions government officials, suggested that there was a conspiracy behind the murder. However, citizens initially accepted the conclusions of the Warren Commission, but overturning the 1966 opinion by authors such as Mark Lane with his “bestseller” Rush to Judgment, and other major publications such as New York Review of Books and Life, who openly questioned the conclusions of the Commission.

In 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassination (HSCA) he was in agreement with the Warren Commission about Oswald that President Kennedy was assassinated, but found that the original FBI investigation and the Commission report had committed serious errors. Finally, the HSCA concluded that four shots were fired and that there was a “high probability” that were two, not one who had shot the President, and probably there was a conspiracy. The HSCA also concluded that “the Warren Commission was wrong in not properly investigate the possibility of a conspiracy to assassinate the president.”

The Committee of Experts Ramsey Clark Rockefeller and the Commission to support the findings of the Warren Commission, while New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, processes Clay Shaw for conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy.

Public Opinion

Polls show that many Americans believed there was a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy. The same survey also showed that there was no agreement on who had been involved.

In 2003, a Gallup poll showed that 75% of Americans do not believe that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone. That same year, an ABC News poll showed that 70% of those who responded suspected that the murder had involved more than one person. In 2004, a Fox News poll concluded that 66% of Americans thought that there was a conspiracy while 74% thought there had been an Cloaking.

Possible evidence of cover-up

Numerous researchers, including Mark Lane, Henry Hurt, Michael L. Kurtz, Gerald D. McKnight and others have pointed out that there are inconsistencies, omissions, exclusions of evidence, errors changes the facts on eyewitnesses or changes in official Warren Commission investigation, which could suggest a cover-up, without presenting actually have a theory about who committed the murder.

Alleged murder weapon

An example of change rests on the fact the alleged murder weapon. The delegate Sheriff Eugene Boone and delegate bailiff, Seymour Weitzman initially identified rifle found in the tank schoolbooks Dallas as a 7.65 Mauser. Weitzamn signed an affidavit the next day in which he described the weapon as “7.65 Mauser bolt equipped with a range of 4/18 and portafusell thick brown leather fucking black”. The Officer Sheriff Roger Craig declared he was “Mauser 7.65” printed on the barrel of the weapon. 

Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade, told the press that the weapon found in the tank of schoolbooks was a Mauser 7.65, and so informed the media. But subsequent investigations identified the gun as a Manlicher Carano 6.5. According to Mark Lane says:

“The strongest element in the case against Lee Harvey Oswasld was the conclusion of the Warren Commission according to which the gun had been found in the building of deposit books. In fact, Oswald was never owned a 7.65 Mauser . When, later, the FBI reported that Oswald had only bought a Manlicher-Italian Carcano, the weapon that had the police headquarters in Dallas miraculously changed his (caliber), its class and nationality . The Warren Commission concluded that it was a Manlicher 6.5-Carcano, Italian, not a Mauser 7.65, German officials discovered they had in Dallas. “

Alleged witness intimidation

Some witnesses to the murder or events related to the murder, were intimidated or threatened. These are John Hill, Richard Carr, Roy Truly, Sandy Speaker and AJ Millican. Acquilla Clemmons, said he saw two men at the scene of the murder of policeman JD Tippit, and said that a man came to his house with a gun and told him to keep quiet about what she had seen. 

these deaths certainly could have been suitable for someone who does not want the truth about the assassination of JFK came to public light.Jim Marrs

Suspicious or unexplained deaths of witnesses

Jim Marrs and Ralph Schuster pointed out what they characterized as a large number of deaths of people connected to the investigation of the murder. It also pointed out what appears to be a pattern of deaths around the times of various governmental investigations, such as during and just after the Warren Commission investigation, when the New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison was carried out His own research, as the Senate Intelligence Committee studied the murders committed by the intelligence agencies of the United States in the 70s, and when the House Select Comittee of assassination was preparing his research. Marrs said that “these deaths certainly could have been suitable for someone who does not want the truth about the assassination of JFK came to public light.”

Held documents

Many government records related to the assassination, including some of the Warren Commission investigation, the House Special Comitee on Assassination Comitee and the Church, were kept secret to the public. These secret documents include records about the autopsy of the president. Some will not be made public until 2029, although many of these documents were already published in mid to late 90s by the Assassination Records Revis Board, the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992. Part of the material made public contains sections written. Some documents identifying employees and revenue sources have not been released. The existence of a large number of secret documents relating to the murder, and the long period that will remain secret, suggests some possible cloaking. One historian has noted that “there is widespread suspicion about the disposal of government records regarding the assassination of Kennedy, derived from the belief that federal officials

A) have not made available to the public all records about the assassination of President (even the Warren Commission, the Church and the House Assassination Comittee Comittee)

B) have written so obscure documents released under the Lliberat Information Act (FOIA in English stands for Freedom of Information Act), in order to conceal a sinister conspiracy. “

According to what is called the Assassination Records Review Board, “All records of the Warren Commission, except logs containing tax refundable (now) are available to the public with only minor editorial”


There are so controversial witness to the way it did the autopsy of the body of President Kennedy, particularly as it took place on the examination of the brain of the president, who was present and if the photos are submitted as evidence or not the same that were taken during the examination of the body. Douglas Horne, chief analyst in the archives of the Assassination Record Review Board to military records, said there were between “90 to 95 % chance that the photographs were not National Archives Kennedy’s brain. ” According to the findings of Horne, the second brain – that showed an exit wound on the front – have replaced, presumably, the real brains Kennedy – who showed much greater damage to the rear, which consisted of an exit wound and test fired a shot from the front. ‘”

James H. Fetzer made mention of 16 problems with the version of events offered by the Warren Commission, and states that decisively proves that this version is impossible and so it is like a conspiracy. He said the evidence released by the Assassination Records Review Board corroborate these claims. This includes problems with the bullet trajectories, the alleged murder weapon, the ammunition used presumta, inconsistencies between the Warren Commission report and the results of the autopsy, inconsistencies between the autopsy results and observed that the witnesses to the crime scene, the statements of eyewitnesses that conflict with X-ray analysis that supposedly made him the body of Chairman, indications that diagrams and pictures of the President of the brain that can see the files National does not belong to the President, the testimony of those who took the photos and process autopsy on the fact that these photos were altered, created or destroyed, indications that the Zapruder film was manipulated allegations that the version of events presented by the Warren Commission conflicts with new information from the crime scene, changing the route of the presidential entourage for an incredible coincidence that led the President to the right of where there was the ambush, the inexplicable and the Secret Service lax safety device Dallas police and confessions from people who say they were aware or participated in a conspiracy to assassinate the President. 

The doctor Malcolm Perry described the original wound in the throat as “a small lesion with a clean cut, though with irregular margins of less than a quarter inch in diameter, which caused minimal damage to the tissue surrounds skin. “

Kennedy assasination conspiracy theories

More than a shooter

The conclusions of the Warren Commission and the theory of the bullet are only viable in the opinion of some researchers. Oswald’s rifle, according to tests carried out by the FBI, could only be shot three times in a period of between five and eight seconds. The Warren Commission, according to what they say eyewitnesses, also determined that only three bullets were fired: one of the three bullets did not even hit the car; the other played Kennedy and passed through Governor John Connally, and the third bullet was fatal for President. The weight of the bullet fragments taken from Connally and those who remained in his body, allegedly totaled more than you might have missed the bullet that was found in the bunk Connally, known as a magic bullet. Despite this, the statement of witnesses suggests that even tiny fragments of less than the total mass of those who were lost bullet, stepped body Connally. In addition, the trajectory of the bullet Kennedy played above the right shoulder and went through his neck (according to what the autopsy says), supposedly should have changed trajectory to pass through the rib cage and wrist. In Abraham Zapruder film, Kennedy appeared moving backward when he touched the fatal shot. They have made statements suggesting that her head jerked forward and then back.

Additional evidence suggests that more than three shots were fired was that the photos of the limousine made by the FBI showed a bullet hole in the windshield of the vehicle, above the rearview mirror, the Warren Commission ignored this evidence. The governmental response was that “happened before Dallas.”  There is also the fact that “most of the witnesses recalled that the second and third shots were grouped together.”   Suggesting that the traits were dismissed as soon must have been more than one killer shot the President.


Thirty-five witnesses,  32% of those who were eyewitnesses of disparaments, thought the shots came from somewhere in front of the president- from the area of ​​the grassy knoll or “three eyes Bridge” – while fifty-six witnesses thought the shots came from the storage of books, or at least in that direction from behind the President, and five witnesses thought the shots came from two directions.

Nellie Connally was sitting in the presidential car, with her husband, Governor John Connally. In his book From Love Field: Our Final Hours (in Catalan From Love Field: Our Final Hour), Connally was adamant in the fact that her husband had been shot a bullet that did not was the same who assassinated Kennedy. 

Roy Kellerman, a Secret Service agent testified that “Now, in just seconds that I spoke, a burst of bullets entered the car.” Kellerman said he saw a large wound 130 millimeters in diameter at the rear, right, head of the President “..

Lee Bowers was as operator of a rail traffic control tower, overlooking the parking lot just north of the grassy knoll and west Texas School Book Depositary. He said he saw two men behind the wooden fence before shooting. When he was interviewed by Mark Lane, Bowers stressed that he saw something that attracted his attention, a kind of flash or light, or maybe smoke from the mound menant him to believe that “something out of the ordinary had happened there. Bowers was interrupted while it declared before the Warren Commission. Bowers told Lane he had heard three shots, the last two in quick succession. Bowers was of the opinion that they could not have come from the same gun .. Although Bowers said he never saw a man with a rifle behind the fence either the authorities or Mark Lane during the filming of hasty judgment, Bowers allegedly informed his supervisor Olan Degaugh, who saw a man in the parking lot of a firing what appeared to be a rifle in the car.

Clint Hill, the Secret Service agent who was protecting the president with his body on the way to the hospital, described “the back of his head was missing. This was extended in the backseat of the car. Later, in a documentary produced by National Geographic, described the broad skull wound as” an empty hole above his ear, about the size of my palm “

Robert McClelland, an emergency room doctor who observed the wound of the head, testified that the rear, on the right side of the head, had disappeared somewhere brain tissue and subsequent tissue in the cerebellum had also disappeared . The size of the back of the head wound, according to this description, indicated that there was an exit wound, and a second shooter fired from before the fatal shot to the head, and the president had his head turned.

Rose Cherami (sometimes deletrejat “Cheramie”) was described in the Oliver Stone film JFK as a “witness”. Rose Cherami was 41, was drug addict and prostitute who had been collecting Highway 190, near Eunice, Louisiana, on November 20, 1963, two days before Kennedy’s assassination, by Lieutenant Francis of Furgé Louisiana State Police. Chermi Furgé told that John F. Kennedy would be assassinated soon. Fruge not believed, at first, but after a few moments of conversation by Cherami firm, turned. During his confinement, before the moment when Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Cherami allegedly spoke to prevent the murder. After Rudy fired Lee Harvey Oswald, says that Cherami declared that he had worked for Ruby as a stripper, she knew Ruby and Oswald, and the two men were “bedfellows” that “had been revolutionized over the years” . According to Lt. Frugé, Cherami declined to repeat his story to the FBI. He was killed when a car ran over 4 September 1965, apparently while I was hitchhiking near Galdewater, Texas. Among conspiracy theorists, the story has been considered credible force since 1979, when it published a report by researcher Patricia Orr by the House Select Comittee, which reviewed the assassination of JFK. This document was based mainly on statements Frugé Francis Victor Weiss, a physician at the hospital Jackson.

Other suspects in Dealey Plaza, part of Oswald

Numerous witnesses reported that they had heard shots coming from the Dal-Tex Building, whi was across the street from the Texas School Book Depository aligned with Elm Street in Dealey Plaza. Several conspiracy theories postulate that at least there was a shooter in the building Dal-Tex, because of the statements of witnesses and other matches, which included the apprehension of suspects singles such as “man dressed in black leather”  and Jim Braden exconfident DISNA in the building, as well as the trajectory of the bullet that went to the southern corner of Dealey Plaza, where it struck the pedestrian James Tangue. Also worth noting acoustic scientific evidence presented by the House Select Committee on Assassination in 1978 that identified the building Dal-Tex as a possible place of origin of the shots. 


The former Marine and elite shooter Craig Roberts and Sergeant Carlos Hathcock artillery, who was senior instructor at the school Corps shooters elite Marines in Quantico (Virginia), said that the facts could not happened as described by FBI investigators. “Let me tell you what we did at Quantico,” said Hatchcook. “We reconstruct the entire scenario: the angle, the scope, the movement of the object, time limit, obstacles, everything, after all. I do not know how many times I tried, but could not duplicate it Warren Commission said that Oswald did. If I can not do it, as could a guy who was not qualified in the scope of the rifle? And then only qualified as Marksman, I could do “.

The death certificate Kennedy locates the bullet to the third vertebra toraco – some say it is too low to have gone for the throat. Furthermore, the bullet went down from the shooter who was in the window of the sixth floor. The sheet that covered the autopsy had a body diagram showing the same location under the third thoracic vertebra. The hole behind Kennedy’s shirt and his jacket was also supported by the fact that the wound was too low to give consistency to the single bullet theory.

Conspiracy New Orleans

Immediately after the murder, rumors began to emerge of conspiracy between Oswald and persons who were or could have been connected while living in New Orleans, Louisiana.

On November 25, 1963 (the day after Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby), Dean Andrews Jr. a new tax in New Orleans that had given legal assistance occasionally Oswald, the FBI reported that two days earlier while he was in a local hospital under sedation, he received a call from a man named Clay Bertrand, who will Oswald asked if I would defend a murder case. Andrews later repeated these statements as a witness to the Warren Commission.

Similarly, at the end of November 1963, an employee of the private investigator in New Orleans Guy Banister called Jack Martin, began to make allegations of possible involvement in the murder by his teammate and employee David Ferrie. According to the statement of witnesses, Ferrie and Banister in 1963 working for the lawyer G. Wray Gill, on behalf of a client Gill, the Mafia boss Carlos Marcello of New Orleans. Ferrie had also attended meetings of the Civil Air Patrol in New Orleans for 50 years, a meeting where there was also a teenager Lee Harvey Oswald.

In 1966, the New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison began an investigation into the assassination of President Kennedy. Garrison’s investigation led him to conclude that President Kennedy had been killed as a result of a conspiracy involving Oswald, David Ferrie and “Clay Bertrand.” Garrison later came to the conclusion that “Clay Bertrand” was a pseudonym of the New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw. On 1 March 1967, Garrison arrested Shaw and accused of conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy, with the help of Lee Harvey Oswald, David Ferrie and others. On 29 January 1969, Clay Show was brought to trial with these charges, and the jury declared him not guilty.

In 2003, Judyth Vary Baker, a former employee of the Reily Coffee Company in New Orleans, which had been used there in the same Lee Harvey Oswald, appeared in an episode of the series of television documentaries Nigel Turner, the man who kill Kennedy. According to what is said in those documents, she and Reilly Oswald had been hired by the spring of 1963 as a “cover” of a clandestine CIA project was to develop biological weapons to assassinate Fidel Castro. Baker, later said that she and Oswald had a romantic relationship and that both had planned to flee to Mexico together after the murder. From the moment in which Baker made public for the first time those statements, tried to present some evidence according to which she and Oswald knew, and the research community concluded, at length, that what they stated was false. 

Federal Reserve Conspiracy

Jim Marrs, in his book Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, Kennedy speculated that the murder had been motivated by the publication of Executive Order 11110. This Executive Order empowers the Treasury Department to print silver certificates, bypassing the Federal Reserve System Executive Order 11110 was not officially repealed until the arrival to power of President Ronald Reagan. The official explanations argue that the executive order was simply an attempt to drain the reserves of silver and put indeed in danger, careers working in any of the Federal Reserve. 

This theory was later explored by the shooter elite Marine veteran police officer Craig Roberts, in 1994, the book Kill Zone. Roberts theorized that the executive order was the beginning of a plan initiated by Kennedy, the ultimate objective of which was the permanent abolition of the Federal Reserve of the United States, and that the Kennedy assassination was ordered by a group of international bankers determined to thwart his plan.

Richard Belzer has also dealt with this theory. According to Belzer says that the plot to assassinate Kennedy was conducted in response to the President’s attempt to remove power to the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department of the United States.

Three globetrotters

About a dozen people were placed in custody at Dealey Plaza and around in the minutes following the murder. In most of these actions did not keep records about the identity of detainees . The most famous among those who were placed in custody have come to be known as “stragglers”: three men found in a freight car at the railway station, which is on the west mound of grass. Speculation covering three identities and their possible involvement in the murder theory became widespread in the following years. The photographs of the three at the time of his arrest fed this speculation. The fact that the three “tramps” appear well dressed, clean shaven and well polished, it was implausible that could be tramps trains. Some researchers also thought it was suspicious that Dallas police had released quickly vagabonds without an investigation that could have revealed something outstanding on a murder and the police declared they had lost to Dallas records of these arrests as well as their facial photographs and fingerprints.

In 1989, the Dallas Police Department released a comprehensive compilation of files containing records about the arrest of three men, whose names were Harold Doyle of Red Jacket, West Virginia; John F. Gedney, which it has its registered office and Gus W. Abrams, neither of which has its home. The brief report described the men as “people who were passing [Dallas] and were known as tramps railroad in that area. The night before they had slept in a hostel for homeless people where they had showered and shaved, which would explain his polished appearance on the day of the murder. The three were released four days after the arrest, on the morning of 26 November.

When interviewed him in 1992, Doyle said he had avoided deliberately show themselves in public, and said, “I’m a normal guy, a simple country boy, and this is how I want to be. I did not want to be a celebrity for $ 10 million” Gedney, independently corroborated feeling Doyle. Abrahms was dead since 1987, but her sister also corroborated the events of that day and remarked that Abrams “was always vagabond waiting trains and drinking wine. ‘” The three were not involved in the murder None of ways.

A list of “identifications” the best known of the three tramps, targeted by conspiracy theorists include:

Charles Harrelson, father of actor Woody Harrelson, which has said that is the highest of the three tramps who appear in photos. Harrelson, some time before his death, he boasted of his role as one of the tramps. However, in a 1988 interview, denied that he had been in Dallas the day of the murder.

It has also been said by some that E. Howard Hunt, the head of the CIA station that was used for the Bay of Pigs Invasion, and worked later as one of ” plumbers “to which President Richard Nixon commissioned the task of” plugging leaks “in the context of Watergate, was one of the stragglers. At the time of his death, the son of Hunt made public on tapes Hunt, which meant Lyndon B. Johnson in the murder of Kennedy.  In 1975, Hunt testified to the Presidential Commission on the activities of the CIA in the United States, who was in Washington DC the day of the murder. This testimony was confirmed by the Hunt family and the employees of domestic Hunt. 

It has been said by some that pat Frank Sturgis is the highest tramp off to the photographs. As Hunt, Sturgis was involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Watergate burglary. In 1959, Sturgis became involved with Marita Lorenz, who later identified Sturgis as a shooter in the assassination. The confessions Hunt before his death involve similarly Sturgis.

Chauncey Holt, allegedly, for some, was the oldest of the stragglers, said he had been a double agent for the CIA and the Mafia and had assured that its destination in Dallas aimed to provide false credentials Secret Service people in the surrounding area. Reports from witnesses say that there were one or more unidentified men in the area, who claimed to be Secret Service agents. 

The House Select Committee on Assassination had forensic anthropologists who studied the photographic evidence. Were able E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Dan Carswell, Fred Lee Chapman, and other suspects in 1978. The Commission concluded that neither Rockefeller nor Frank Sturgis Hunt was in Dallas on the day of the murder. 

While these positive identifications of the homeless and the lack of any connection between them and the killing, some have kept their identities as persons of three different Doyle, Gedney and Abrams and continued theorizing that could have had connections with the crime .. 

CIA conspiracy

Some researchers have claimed that the CIA officer David Atlee Phillips used the alias “Maurice Bishop.” He used the pseudonym while working with Alpha 66, an organization of anti-Castro Cubans. The founder of Alpha 66, Antonio Veciana said that during one of his meetings with “Bishop” Lee Harvey Oswald was also present. The researcher HSCA Gaeton Fonzi believed Phillips was Bishop. 

In 1995, former Navy intelligence officer and executive assistant to the National Security Agency, John M. Newman, published evidence, according to which both the FBI and CIA would deliberately manipulated its archives relating to Lee Harvey Oswald before and after the murder. Moreover, it was found that both had withheld information that could have alerted the authorities to Dallas about that Oswald could pose a potential threat to the President. Subsequently, Newman expressed the belief that James Angleton was probably the key figure in the murder. According to Newman says, only Angleton “had access, authority and cleverly diabolical mind enough to prepare this sophisticated plot.” 

Secret service conspiracy

The House Select Committee on Assassination concluded that although Oswald assassinated Kennedy, was likely there was a conspiracy. Among its conclusions, the HSCA noted that President Kennedy had not received adequate protection in Dallas, the Secret Service had information that was not properly analyzed or investigated by the Secret Service used in connection with the trip of president Dallas, and finally the Secret Service agents in the presidential entourage were inadequately prepared to protect the President from a sniper attack. Although much discussed, but possible, this lack of protection may have occurred because Kennedy himself had specifically requested that the Secret Service would remain in a discrete position during his visit to Dallas. 

Cuban exiles

Richard Helms, director of the Office of Special Operations for the CIA, had reasons to be hostile from the moment Kennedy was elected because he supported the invasion of Cuba and then changed their opinion regarding how to deal with the issue. After the disastrous Bay of Pigs Invasion, sponsored by the CIA, Kennedy changed his opinion about the invasion, and earned the hatred of the Cuban exile community. Thus, Helms was immediately put under pressure by President Kennedy and his brother Robert (Attorney General) to increase US efforts to get rid of the regime of Castro. Operation Mongoose had 4,000 operators involved in attacks on economic targets Cubans.

The House Select Committee on Assassination believed there was evidence implicating certain violent exiles could have participated in the assassination of Kennedy. These exiles worked closely with CIA operatives in violent activities against the Castro government in Cuba. In 1979, the Committee concluded that:

The popularity of President Kennedy among Cuban exiles had sunk deeply in around 1963. Its bitterness is illustrated in a tape of a meeting of right-wing anti-people and the Dallas suburb known as Farmer’s Branch, 1 October 1963. (37)
In a copy of the September 26 edition of The Dallas Morning News, the front page with an explanation of the planned trip of the president in Texas during the month of November, the Cuban exiles vented their hostility.

“… We hope CASTELLANOS Kennedy on 22 [the date on which Kennedy was killed] friend. Let’s see it one way or another. Let’s give him getting the job in Dallas. Mr. good “ol’Kennedy” (pun which refers to its Irish.) I even tell President Kennedy. It makes me sick. “
The author Joan Didion explored the theory of anti-Castro Miami in his nonfiction book “Miami”  A “Miami”, emphasizing the issues that researchers were Marita Lorenz, following Guillermo Novo, the fact that Cuban exile was involved in firing a rocket launcher in the building of the United Nations from East River during a speech by Che Guevara. Supposedly, Novo was affiliated with Lee Harvey Oswald and Frank Sturgis and brought weapons with them at a hotel in Dallas just before the murder. These statements, although they were presented to the House Assassination Comitee by Lorenz, were never confirmed by research

E. Howard Hunt

The former CIA operative and important figure in the Watergate scandal, E. Howard Hunt has been mentioned as a possible participant in various conspiracy theories of the Kennedy assassination. He denied any kind of involvement in the assassination of JFK while accusing others of being involved.

Some researchers have identified Hunt as a figure across Dealey Plaza with a waterproof felt hat immediately after the murder. Others have suggested that Hunt was one of the men now known as the “three tramps” who were arrested and then released shortly after the murder (see article in this section Three tramps.

In 1976, a magazine called The Spotlight published an article accusing Hunt of Dallas was on 22 November 1963, and have had some role in the murder. Hunt won a libel trial against the magazine in 1981, but this was rejected on appeal and the magazine was declared not guilty when the case was reviewed in 1985. 

Shortly before his death in 2007, Hunt wrote an autobiography which implied Lyndon B. Johnson in the murder. Hunt suggested that Johnson had orchestrated the murder with the help of CIA agents who were angry with the actions of Kennedy as president. A 2007 article published in Rolling Stone magazine revealed the latest Hunt confessions on his deathbed, in which it suggested a conspiracy orchestrated by Lyndon B. Johnson, the CIA Cord Meyer, Bill Harvey and David Sanchez Morales, as well as a “French shooter” who allegedly fired Kennedy from the grassy knoll. 

Racketeering conspiracy

The members of the Mafia might have wanted to retaliate by increasing the pressure at which subjected Robert Kennedy (which had increased to twelve the number of processes that had been carried out under the leadership of President Dwight Eisenhower). Some documents were never seen by the Warren Commission have revealed that someone mobsters were working closely with the CIA in several attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro. 

The president of the Union of Transporters, Jimmy Hoffa, Carlos Marcello and gangster Sam Giancana, Johnny Roselli, Charles Nicoletti and Santo Trafficante Jr. (all of whom say that Hoffa was working with the CIA in several plots to assassinate Castro) are at the top of the list of suspected Mafia made by the House Select Committee on Assassination. Giancana, Marcello and Trafficante were the main figures of organized crime in Chicago, New Orleans and Tampa, respectively.

Carlos Marcello apparently threatened to kill the President to stop his feet younger brother Bobby, who held the position of Attorney General and led the crusade anti-Mafia administration. 

In his memoirs, Bound by Honor: A gangster’s Story, Bill Bonanno, son of the boss of the Mafia in New York Joseph Bonanno, shows that several families of the Mafia had ties for some time with the Cuban anti-Castro through Havana casinos that were operated by the Mafia before Cuban Revolution. Cubans hated Kennedy because he had refused to provide them with full support in the Bay of Pigs Invasion; Mafia hated Kennedy because, as Attorney General, his younger brother, the young idealist Robert Kennedy led an unprecedented legal assault against organized crime. This was especially provocative because different “families” of the Mafia had worked with JFK’s father, Joseph Kennedy, so that JFK was elected, and speculated that the presidential elections of 1960 there had been some kind of irregularities. Both the Mafia and the anti-Castro experts were killed; Cubans had been trained by the CIA. Bonanno said he realized the degree of involvement of other families of the Mafia when he saw television as Jack Ruby Oswald assassinated: the Bonanno recognized Jack Ruby as an associate of gangster Sam Giancana of Chicago.

Information released only around 2006 by the FBI, said that Carlos Marcello confessed detail that had organized the assassination of Kennedy. The FBI then hid that information that was in his power . The findings of a commission of inquiry to Congress in 1979 also support this version of events, according to which Marcello probably was part of a conspiracy of the Mafia who was behind the murder, and had the means and opportunity required. The killing came less than two weeks before a coup against Castro in Cuba ordered by the Kennedy brothers, related to the missile crisis and the Bay of Pigs Invasion

James Files says a former assassin who worked for the Mafia and the CIA and who had participated in the murder Charles Nicoletti and Johnny Roselli, Sam Giancana request. Currently serving a sentence of 30 years in prison for attempted murder of a policeman.

A mistress of President Kennedy also intimate with Giancana; was interviewed (apparently live) by Maria Shriver (Kennedy clan) ABC program Good Morning America. Asked him if he never carried messages between JFK and Giancana, since both knew. The woman confirmed that (he knew both) and not respond to the question, saying “Sam never put anything in writing.”

David Kaiser has also suggested the involvement of a gangster in his book The Road to Dallas.

The famous investigative reporter Jack Anderson, who knew quite well Kennedy, and had many sources within organized crime, concluded that Cuba and Fidel Castro worked with organized crime figures to prepare the murder. In his book, “War and Peace Politics,” Anderson said Johnny Rosselli gave extensive details about the plot. Anderson said he was never able to confirm with independent sources, the history of Roselli but wrote many of the details and verify Roselli could never find a detail that could not refute. Anderson said that anyone who Oswald was the role he played in the murder, was convinced that there was more than one shooter.

Conspiracy of Lyndon Johnson

In 2003, Barr McCllellan researcher published his book Blood, Money & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK. (In Catalan, Blood, Money & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK) McClellan says Lyndon Johnson, motivated by the fear of being excluded from ticket election in the elections of 1964 and the need to hide scandals, became the mastermind of the assassination of Kennedy, with the help of his friend, the Attorney Edward Clark. The book suggests that a smudged partial fingerprint, found the place where it was the Franco-shooter was likely belonged to associate Johnson, Malcolm “Mac” Wallace, Wallace and Mac was so killer. The book goes further and says that Kennedy’s assassination was paid by oil magnates, including Murchison and HLHunt Clim. McClellan’s book later became the plot of a TV documentary series, The man who killed Kennedy. The episode, titled “The guilty man,” received widespread condemnation by the Johnson family and former adviser to the president himself immediately after its broadcast on The History Channel, which he accepted, subsequently, no issue this episode in the future.

Madeleine D. Brown, who said that he was allegedly a concubine Johnson has also been involved in a conspiracy. Brown said in 1967 that Johnson, along with HL Hunt, would have begun to plan the death of Kennedy since early 1960. Brown said that the conspiracy involved dozens of people, including the heads of the FBI and the Mafia and well-known politicians and journalists. In the documentary The Man Who Killed Kennedy, a former employee of Brown and Clint Murchison J. Edgar Hoover and LBJ located at a dinner at the mansion shortly before Murchinson murder. Brown declared in the documentary that Johnson said after the event that Kennedy “never bothered me again.”

Johnson was also accused by E. Howard Hunt, a former CIA agent, he was later involved in the Watergate Scandal. On the possible involvement of Hunt, see this article above.

American Fact-Finding Committee

Many researchers and conspiracy theorists talk about the advertisement, published full-page November 22, 1963 the Dallas Morning News where Kennedy was accused of ignoring the Constitution of the United States and accused of being a communist. The announcement was signed by the head of the American Fact-Finding Committee (Comité American research in Catalan) Bernard Weissman. The FBI then investigated the source of funds for the ad, and interviewed many people involved that there was, as described in the Commission hearings Warren, Volume XXIII. These people are many theories that talked about the involvement of Lyndon B. Johnson and allegations Madeleine Brown (see above). Weissman was a sponsor of the John Birch Society.

Conspiracy Soviet Bloc

According to the content of a document from the FBI in 1996, considered a credible source told the agency in late 1963 Colonel Boris Ivanov, head of the Soviet Committee for State Security (KGB ) section of New York at the time of the assassination of President Kennedy declared that his personal impression was that the Kennedy assassination had been planned by an organized group, rather than the action of a single killer .

Later, the most important defector from the Soviet bloc intelligence Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa described his conversation with Nicolae Ceauşescu, who spoke about “ten international leaders the Kremlin killed or tried to run “” László Rajk and Imre Nagy of Hungary; Lucretia Pătrăşcanu and Gheorghiu-Dej in Romania, Rudolf Slansky, the head of state of Czechoslovakia, and Jan Masaryk, chief diplomat in the country, the Shah of Iran, Palmiro Togliatti of Italy, the United States President John F. Kennedy and Mao Zedong. ” Pacepa contributed some additional details, such as a plot to assassinate Mao Zedong with the help of Lin Biao organized by KGB and he noted that “among the heads of intelligence satellites had Moscow unanimous agreement that the KGB had been involved in the assassination of President Kennedy. “

New information regarding the murder of Kennedy confidante Mary Pinchot Meyer has led to a reinterpretation of the declaration of retired CIA official Cord Meyer, shortly after his death in 2001. The statement seems Meyer suggested that the CIA knew for years, possibly a deserter, the KGB organized the assassination of Kennedy, rather as a revenge for the humiliation of the Cuban Missile Crisis. However, the same Cord Meyer has been mentioned as a possible conspirator theory Lindon B. Johnson’s murder.

Conspiracy Cuba

In early 1960, Clare Booth Luce, wife of publisher Henry Luce was one of the people within a certain number of prominent Americans who supported the anti-Castro movement in the United States. This support included the financing of motor boats, used by commandos exiles in their attacks against Cuba. In an interview in 1975, Clare Luce revealed that on the night of the murder, received a phone call from a crew of boats. According to Luce says, the name of the person who called was “something like” Julio Fernández, and said he was calling from New Orleans.

Julio Fernandez told him that Lee Harvey Oswald had approached the group and had offered his services as a potential killer Castro. Fernandez later said that he and his colleagues were finally discovered that Oswald was in fact a communist committed, a person who supported Castro and they maintain a close surveillance of their activities until suddenly it appeared money and went to Mexico City and then to Dallas. Finally, Fernandez told Luce, “There is a team of assassins, Cuban Communists in general. Oswald gave them weapons.” 

Luce told the reporter would give this information to the FBI. Then she revealed details of the incident and the Church Committeee HSCA. Both committees attempted to invenstigar the incident, but were unable to find any evidence that corroborated the allegations in question.

President President Lyndon Johnson was reported to several news sources that had the personal belief that the murder had been organized by Fidel Castro from Cuba. Johnson in 1967 had received information from the FBI and CIA in the early 60s, the CIA would have tried to assassinate Fidel Castro, for which the employee would have members of the Mafia, and that Attorney General Robert Kennedy would have been aware of these conspiracies and the involvement of the Mafia.

Johnson’s belief was that the Kennedy assassination had been organized by Castro in retaliation for attempts by the CIA to assassinate Castro. In October 1968, Johnson said the veteran journalist Howard K. Smith that “Kennedy was trying to catch Castro, but (Castro) caught him first.” In September 1969, in an interview with Walter Cronkite, CBS, Johnson said, regarding the murder could not say “honestly was not fully revealed the fact that there never could have had international connections” . Finally, in 1971, Johnson said Leo Janos of Time Magazine that “never believed Oswald acted alone.”

Israeli conspiracy

This theory claims that the government of Israel was displeased with Kennedy for his pressure against his top-secret nuclear program in the Negev desert (commonly known as “Dimona”, name of the nearest town) and Israelis were not happy with Kennedy’s sympathies toward Arabs. The gangster Meyer Lansky and Lyndon B. Johnson often play an essential role in this conspiracy theory, organizing and preparing the coup, or shutting catalyzing and possibly also many other conspiracies. 

In July 2004, the former coach Israeli nuclear Mordechai Vanunu said in London on the basis of the newspaper Al-Hayat that the state of Israel was complicit in the assassiant John F. Kennedy. Vanunu, a former technician at the nuclear plant in Dimona, who was sentenced to 18 years in prison for revealing their work inside the central British newspaper The Sunday Times in 1986, made the remarks after his release 2004. He said that there was “almost certain indications” that Kennedy was killed in response to the pressure exerted on the Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion, to clarify what became the Dimona nuclear reactor.

The hearse that was bait and altering injuries
David S. Lifton and others have theorized that the coffin was carried from Air Force One and got the ambulance waiting at the Air Force Base Andrews the night of November 22, 1963 it was empty. The body of the president was removed from the plane out of sight of the TV camera. This part of the theory of Lifton comes from the report of the House Select Committee on Assassination, which was interviewing Lt. Richard A. Lipsey on 18 January 1978 by members of the committee Andrew Donald Purdy Jr. and T. Mark Flanagan Jr. In this interview, Lipsey said that in his capacity as assistant to the general Wehle, had gone to receive the body of President Kennedy at Andrews Air Force Base. The report describes Lipsey was “put (the coffin) in a hearse to be transported to Bethesda Naval Hospital. Whele Lipsey and he mentioned that he flew by helicopter to Bethesda and took the body to the President back to Bethesda. A hearse was bait that had been placed at the front. ” A hearse carrying a coffin empty bait.

The lab technician Paul Kelly O’Connor was one of the most important witnesses who supported the theory of David Lifton somewhere between Parkland and Bethesda’s body president was to appear as if it had just been fired by the rear. O’Connor says the body of President Kennedy came to Bethesda in a bag for corpses, which was quite different from that in which it was buried at Parkland Hospital. He said that the brain had been moved when he came to Bethesda and there was only “half a handful” of brain matter that had been left inside the skull.

According to Nigel Turner, director during the 1988 British television documentary The Man Who Killed Kennedy, “There were mysterious men, who wore civilian clothes, present at the autopsy. It seemed that deserve a lot of respect and looked over my shoulder and above the Dr. J. Thornton Boswell when they went and had a conversation in the corner. Then one of them told us: “Stop what you are doing and ¡use another procedure. “We jump back and forth, back and forth. There was fluidity procedure at all.

In all become like cargo aircraft for security reasons, the coffin lid and they hold a wrap steel cables to prevent movements during landing and takeoff maneuvers or if Air turbulence during the flight. The coffin was also under the supervision of a major armed device at all times, a fact that Lifton neglects to mention. In addition, the aircraft was seen by thousands of people, the side farthest from the plane was bathed in light and offered a very public stage for anyone who would steal the body ..

Kennedy was not the target

Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the death of the President, there was another theory, which was based on the statements of the wife of Oswald the Warren Commission. According to Marina Oswald, her husband did not want to actually assassinate President Kennedy, but Governor Connally. He resented the treatment he received when Connally was Secretary of the Navy.

When Oswald defected and went to the USSR, his departure from the army described as “undesirable”, this is a higher degree of “dishonorable.” As Oswald wanted to come back, he thought he needed a correction of this stain on your record, if I wanted to find work more easily. With this aim, wrote a letter to Connally, 30 January 1962, which asked him to “put all the means to correct this serious error or injustice”.

Finally, however, Oswald did not achieve their goal. In his third and final appearance before the Warren Commission, Marina Oswald said she thought that her husband was “Connally before shooting Kennedy.” In support of this, would the fact the departure of Oswald army as undesirable and that she thought it could not be any reason why Oswald would kill Kennedy. It must be said, however, that at the time that Oswald fired three shots in the presidential limousine, Governor Connally occupied the front seat of the President, which would have been almost impossible for Oswald to touch the governor without first touching President. 

Other Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories published

• James W. Douglas: JFK and the Unspeakable (2008) presents evidence to the effect that JFK was killed by elements within the US government opposed his attempts to end the Cold War through secret negotiations with Khrushchev and Castro. ISBN 1-57075-755-0.
• The Gemstone File: A Memoir (2006),  by Stephanie Caruana, is that Oswald was part of a team of 28 that included three murderers Mafia hit men (Jimmy Fratianno John Roselli, and Eugene Brading). The task was Oswald fired the governor John Connally. Bruce Roberts, author of Gemstone File Documents, stated that the scene of the murder of JFK was modeled on the basis of an alleged assassination attempt against President FD Roosevelt. Roosevelt found traveling in a car with Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak. Cermak was shot and killed by Giuseppe Zangara. In Dallas, JFK was the real objective and a secondary objective Connally. The assassination of JFK is only a small part of the report files Gemstone. ISBN 1-4120-6137-7.
• The Zapruder Film (2003), David Wrone concludes that unless he slew Kennedy came from the front of the limo, and the wounds of Kennedy in the throat and back were caused by firing from Input and output came from the grassy knoll. They fired three shots from different angles, none of them came from the window Lee Harvey Oswald in the Texas School Book Depository. Wrone is professor emeritus of history at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. ISBN 0-7006-1291-2.
• JFK The Second Plot (2002) Matthew Smith explores the strange case of Roscoe White. In 1990, Roscoe’s son, Ricky. issued a statement according to which his father had been a police officer in Dallas in 1963, was involved in the assassination of the president. Roscoe’s widow, Geneva, also said that her husband died in 1971, left a diary in which he revealed that he had been one of the shooters who shot the president, which also killed Officer JD Tippit . ISBN 1-84018-501-5.
• The Kennedy Mutiny (2002) Will Fritz (do not confuse with the police captain J. Will Fritz), says that the murder plot was orchestrated by General Edwin Walker, and he loaded the responsibility of the crime Oswald. ISBN 0-9721635-0-6.
• Oswald’s Tale: An American Mystery (1995), Norman Mailer, concluded that Oswald was guilty, but argues that there is evidence pointing to the existence of a second shooter on the mound herabi, which. purely by coincidence, was trying to kill JFK while Oswald. “If there was in fact another feature, it was not necessarily triggered by a conspirator who worked with Oswald. A weapon so it could belong to another killer solo or a conspirator who worked for another group.” ISBN 0-679-42535-7.
• Passport to Assassination (1993) by Oleg M. Nechiporenko, the Soviet consular official (official and high-ranking KGB), which met Oswald in Mexico City in 1963. He was granted the unique opportunity to talk Oswald around their objectives, including its genuine desire to obtain a visa for Cuba. Their conclusions were: 1) that Oswald killed Kennedy because of extreme feelings that caused him the admiration of his wife toward Kennedy and 2) that the KGB never asked Oswald that provide information for intelligence the time that this happened in the USSR, since not trust his motives. ISBN 1-55972-210-X.
• Who Shot JFK? : A Guide to the Major Conspiracy Theories (1993) by Bob Callahan and Mark Zingarelli explores some of the more obscure theories about the assassination of JFK, such as “Theory of Coca-Cola.” According to this theory, suggested by the editor of an organic gardening magazine, Oswald killed JFK due to a mental disorder resulting from addiction to refined sugar, as evidenced by his need to take his favorite drink immediately after the murder. ISBN 0-671-79494-9.
• Mortal Error: The Shot That Killed JFK (1992) by Bonar Menninger (ISBN 0-312-08074-3) states that while Oswald attempted to assassinate JFK and got hurt him, the fatal shot was fired accidentally by agent Secret Service George Hickey, who was in a car that Secret Service was just behind the presidential car. The theory states that, after the first two shots were fired, the caravan Hickey accelerated while trying to respond to the shooting of Oswald. Then Hickey lost his balance and accidentally pulled the trigger of his AR-15 and shot JFK. Hickey’s testimony speaks differently: “When I heard the last shot, I approached the back and I grabbed the rifle AR-15 and I loaded arm, and I turned back. ” (italics is added). George Hickey sued Menninger April 1995j for what they had written to fatal error. The case was rejected because it was considered that he had prescribed.
• Act of Treason: The Role of J. Edgar Hoover in the assassination of President Kennedy (1991), Mark North, involving the director of the FBI. According to documents from North, Hoover was aware of the threats against Kennedy by organized crime before 1963, and suggests that he failed to provide adequate protection, in order to prevent the murder. North on Hoover also because faults when working properly to discover the truth after the Kennedy assassination. ISBN 0-88184-877-8.
• Reasonable Doubt (1985) by Henry Hurt, who writes about his doubts (Doubts) regarding the Warren Commission. Hurt does support the conspiracy in professional assassin Robert Easterling,  with the oil business in Texas and the supposed alliance Ferrie / Shaw. ISBN 0-03-004059-0.
• Appointment in Dallas (1975) Hugh McDonald suggests that Oswald was convinced to enter into a conspiracy where he was told that there would be a false attempts to assassinate Kennedy to disturb the Secret Service and warned the government of the need to more importance to the security provided to the Secret Service. The role of Oswald was fired at the convoy but failed deliberately target. The conspirators then Kennedy would kill themselves, and loaded the guilt of the crime Oswald. McDonald says that after hearing the “truth” about the death of Kennedy, part of the CIA agent Herman Kismey 1964, he spent many years trying to locate a man known as “Saul.” Saul was allegedly the unidentified man who was photographed as he left the Russian embassy in Mexico City in September 1963, whose photos were sent later to the FBI in Dallas, morning 22 November 1963 (before the murder) which were labeled erroneously as “Lee Harvey Oswald.” McDonalds says finally found Saul in London in 1972, and at that moment Saul revealed details of the plot. ISBN 0-8217-3893-3.

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